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  1. Q: How do I request a quote?

    A: Requesting a quote is done through the checkout process. Just add the products you want to include to the cart as you would any order. Then choose "request a quote" from the (payment) options & continue with the process. You will not be charged by finalizing. The pricing you will see on product pages, category pages, the cart & checkout pages reflect standard list price. If you provided your email address, you will recieve a copy of the quote in your inbox. We will respond to your quote request with modified pricing if applicable.

  2. Q: How do I search for a product from a certain brand or with a certain option?

    A: You can include the brand or option in the search bar with the product. We plan to have advanced filtering options in future versions of the website

  3. Q: How do I select a case of a product or determine if one is available?

    A: We usually notify you of a case option on the item page. Often we put the case as a related item. If you do not see it on the item page, you can search for it or contact us to see if a case option is available. If you order an item in the quantity contained in a case, we automatically apply the appropriate case to your order instead of the single items. We will even discount the pricing to match that of the case if applicable. The remaining quantity will remain as individual units (eaches).

  4. Q: How can I print product information without all of the unneccesary page elements?

    A: Just browse to the page featuring the product you want to print information on & print that page. We've configured the site so that extra page elements are not printed. Refer to your browser's help feature if you are unsure how to print.

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